Gifts for Artists: Get Them Something They Will Love

Gifts For Artists
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Many of us may have taken up drawing and painting during the pandemic, so you may find yourself searching out gifts for artists this holiday season. California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco boast the highest percentages of artists in their workforce, yet the lockdown means more of us have taken up the brush to express ourselves. Whether as a hobby or a profession, art remains the lifeblood of our souls.

You may find searching out the perfect gift a little daunting with so many art-related products out there. However, it is worth thinking outside of the box when you look for gifts for artists. Consequently, we have created a list of some quirky and unique gifting ideas.

Gifts for Artists

It is said that art is good for the soul. Indeed, it remains true that drawing and painting help to keep our minds sharp and represent a host of valuable health benefits. From developing good motor skills to improving mental health, the relaxing hobby and profession have far-reaching effects.

Finding gifts for artists need not feel challenging. The Earth Without Art Mug from 3dRose is a cheeky gift that may make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday. And the Bob Ross Bobblehead from Bob Ross is the ultimate in kitsch gifts for artists.

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Think outside of the box

Many of our gift ideas may seem a little unusual. However, buying materials for artists may feel challenging, which is why we have found some exciting alternatives for you to consider.

And all our ideas come with numerous positive reviews to ensure quality and value. While budgets tighten, our imagination grows with some humorous and practical holiday gifts for artists.

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Our List of Perfect Gifts for Artists

Don’t fret over which paints to buy or what brushes may suit. Settle down to a variety of unique ideas to make the artists in your family smile.

JOTW Artists Paint & Palette Pendant

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When you search around for gifts for artists, this gorgeous Artists Paint & Palette Pendant from [amazon link=”B00JAJFW3M” title=”JOTW”] is a top gifting idea for the holiday season. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a piece of stunning jewelry, and this thoughtful pendant charm strikes just the right tone with its delicate detailing and pretty colors.

The pendant measures 1025 inches from top to bottom, and the 1mm snake chain measures 16 inches. Furthermore, the beautiful palette has a gorgeous paintbrush hanging with it as a separate charm to complete the charming set.

You may choose from two versions of the silver-tone pendant. The first is silver with a black background on the palette, and the second uses a white enameled background. Both options look gorgeous, and the tiny crystals used to represent the paint stand out from the background to provide a lovely sparkle.

The Artists Paint & Palette Pendant from JOTW is delicate, pretty, and detailed. Consequently, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves drawing and painting and comes in at an attractive price.

The Earth Without Art Mug

[amazon fields=”B013OC7PHG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
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If you want to find a tongue in cheek gift, The Earth Without Art Mug from [amazon link=”B013OC7PHG” title=”3dRose”]  is perfect. The mug displays a variety of colorful splashes against a white background with the words ‘The World Without Art is Just Eh.’ Any artist may well appreciate those words and enjoy sipping their tea or coffee from the gorgeous mug.

The ceramic mug has a capacity of 10.88 ounces, with the image printed on both sides. The mug’s exterior is white, while the handle and the interior are dark, glossy black to make a striking contrast. Furthermore, the high gloss finish makes the paint splash colors and black lettering stand out from the ceramic surface.

It would be best if you hand- washed the mug to preserve the design, though it is microwave safe.

If you want to find gifts for artists, The Earth Without Art Mug from 3dRose provides a budget-friendly solution perfect as a stocking stuffer.

Bob Ross Bobblehead

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Who doesn’t want Bob Ross watching them from their desk as they paint? You don’t even have to be an artist to appreciate the iconic painter because most of us know the uber-famous cult figure of Bob Ross. Consequently, Bob Ross Bobblehead from [amazon link=”0762490411″ title=”Bob Ross”]  is the ultimate in gifts for artists.

To add to the kitsch value of the bubblehead, it also speaks to you. The cute 4-inch bobblehead plays 10 different witty sayings by Bob Ross himself to provide you with constant inspiration. Furthermore, as an extra added value touch, the figure arrives complete with a mini easel book featuring 30 of Ross’s famous landscape works.

Bob Ross remains an icon in the art world, and his TV shows make for compulsive viewing. As his dulcet tones emanate from the ever-watchful bobblehead, you won’t be able to help but grin as you put paint to canvas.

If you want to find gifts for artists with a sense of humor, the Bob Ross Bobblehead from Bob Ross

Proves the perfect choice guaranteed to make everyone smile.

Old World Christmas Artist Palette Glass Ornament

[amazon fields=”B000WY55HC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B000WY55HC” value=”button”]

If like me, you like to give unique Christmas tree ornaments as gifts to loved ones each year, then the Old World Christmas Artist Palette Glass Ornament from the [amazon link=”B000WY55HC” title=”Old World Christmas Store”]  fits the bill. It represents the perfect addition to your list of gifts for artists.

The hand-crafted decoration uses ancient techniques of glass blowing dating back to the 1800s. Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely crafted molds to produce this exquisite artist’s palette. Furthermore, each ornament is painstakingly hand-painted to achieve stunning detail.

The ornament is 2.75 inches by 2.75 inches by 0.75 inches. The beautiful glass consists of a golden background with vibrant blobs of colored glass representing blobs of paint. Even a tube of artists paint squirting out color across the bauble, and a stunning paintbrush rests on the edge of the palette. Fine glitter detail makes each detail pop to complete the old-world charm of this exquisite Christmas ornament.

The Old World Christmas Artist Palette Glass Ornament from the Old World Christmas Store makes a charming addition to an artist’s tree this holiday.

Billion Dollar Art Gallery

[amazon fields=”B07CT4QCBK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07CT4QCBK” value=”button”]

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What do you get the artists who have everything this Christmas? The answer is the Billion Dollar Art Gallery from [amazon link=”B07CT4QCBK” title=”Billion Dollar Art Gallery”]. This gorgeous gift may transform your TV into an art gallery to provide the perfect background when you have guests or give any budding artist the ultimate inspiration.

The Billion Dollar Art Gallery consists of a USB that plugs into your TV. The USB contains 500 of the world’s most famous and beautiful paintings to transform your lounge into the best museum in your state. The images use high definition resolution for sharp, crisp, vibrant images.

The USB contains both video and images, and you may control the speed of the display. Plus, the gorgeous chrome USB stick arrives in a stunning maple wood gift box to create the perfect presentation.

Billion Dollar Art Gallery from Billion Dollar Art Gallery may seem a little out of the box when finding gifts for artists. However, the unusual and quirky gift may provide hours of interest and inspiration.

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U.S. Art Supply Artists Adjustable Wood Drawing Board

[amazon fields=”B01MSDP7Z2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
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When you consider gifts for artists, a drawing board may feel like the obvious choice. However, you can never have too many of these useful pieces of equipment from personal experience, especially if you work on multiple projects. Consequently, the Artists Adjustable Wood Drawing Board from [amazon link=”ASIN” title=”U.S. Art Supply”] may prove ideal.

The beautifully hand-crafted beechwood drawing board provides a large working area and measures 18.5 inches by 14 inches. The seasoned wood comes finished with natural oil to give a rich, lustrous finish.

The drawing board features 6 adjustable settings from flat to an 80-degree angle. Consequently, the artists may find the ideal position perfect for drawing. In addition, a handy ledge at the board’s base provides a perfect place to store your pencils.

Painting and drawing equipment tend to remain very personal to every artist who may favor a particular set of equipment. However, for any artist starting, the Artists Adjustable Wood Drawing Board from U.S. Art Supply provides a budget-friendly solution. Consequently, the board is a must for your list of gifts for artists.

WHIMSICAL Unisex Artists Watch

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It’s so easy to lose track of time when you get lost in your work. So, the Unisex Artists Watch from [amazon link=”B002DI1S26″ title=”WHIMSICAL”] takes the top spot for gifts for artists.

The gorgeous watch features a highly detailed watch face with tiny tubes of artist paints and a painter’s palette with brushes. The gorgeous colors contrast beautifully with a visible and easy to read watch face with traditional numbers and hands.

The watch features a precise, high-quality Japanese quartz movement encased in a silver-tone stainless steel case. The case measures 42mm in diameter. A sturdy red Italian leather strap completes the look and lends an outstanding quality to the gift.

It can feel a little daunting when you look for gifts for artists, but this quirky timepiece makes the ideal holiday gift at an attractive price.

Professional 85 Piece Art Set

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Perhaps you have a budding artist in the family who hasn’t quite found their style or favorite medium. The Professional 85 Piece Art Set from [amazon link=”B088NFV7KY” title=”Color More”] makes the ideal gift for artists exploring their talents.

The set comprises 85 pieces in a wooden case with everything a budding artist may need to explore their inner Bob Ross. The collection includes 12 sketching pencils, 12 watercolor cakes, 8 acrylic paints, and 28 watercolor pencils. It also contains 10 artist brushes, 8 oil pastels, a plastic palette, a putty eraser, and a wooden sharpener. Not only that, it features 5 drawing pads to get you started.

It may take a while for any artist to find their style and favorite medium. The comprehensive Professional 85 Piece Art Set from Color More provides a wealth of materials for an artist to experiment and find their stride.

When you consider gifts for artists, the striking box set of artistic goodies makes a wonderful gift this holiday season.

Artists Canvas Apron

[amazon fields=”B075SZ96YF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
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If like me, you get covered in paint while you work, the Artists Canvas Apron from [amazon link=”B075SZ96YF” title=”Tour”] is the perfect addition to your list of gifts for artists.

The apron is hand-crafted from rugged 16-ounce waxed canvas and features reinforced pockets. The canvas remains breathable for added comfort and uses adjustable straps to provide a snug fit.

The smock apron skirt length is 25.59 inches, and the hem length is 50 inches. The extra-long waist tie may accommodate up to a 50-inch waist. And a slide adjuster at the neck allows you to customize its size for a comfortable painting experience.

Most artists may find this apron useful. Not only may it keep your clothes paint free, but you may also carry numerous brushes, pencils, and tools within its many spacious pockets.

If you find yourself looking for gifts for artists, the Artists Canvas Apron from Tour represents a top, practical idea for the holiday season.

HSOMiD Artists Wooden Jointed Mannequin

[amazon fields=”B07FLHJSYP” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
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Drawing the human form may prove a challenge for any artist. Therefore, Artists Wooden Jointed Mannequin from [amazon link=”B07FLHJSYP” title=”HSOMiD”] provides the perfect solution when you consider gifts for artists.

The articulated figure comes on a stand and features flexible joints for posing in various positions. The hardwood mannequin provides a robust yet practical solution for getting the body’s proportions correct when drawing.

The Artists Wooden Jointed Mannequin from HSOMiD is suitable for beginners and advanced artists to capture the body’s correct scale and form. Plus, the excellent price-point makes it the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Man Drawing

Our List of Gifts for Artists Explored

Buying the perfect gift feels challenging at the best of times, but we may find ourselves working with a tighter budget as we experience a year, unlike any other. However, our list of gifts for artists contains ideas for every budget and a variety of tastes.

Art is subjective, and so is gifting! Why not have a little fun with your ideas and put a bit of kitsch into a loved one’s life.

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