Top 10 Best Art Markers Reviews – For Beginners And Professionals Artists

best art marker

Artists know what they want in a marker – something that is reliable, durable, and perfect for their creative work. It helps that the best art markers for artists are easy to use, blend well, do not bleed, and provide a wide range of colors.

You might be looking to extend your collection of color markers, or you are on the hunt for the best art markers for your money. Whatever the situation, a reliable and trustworthy art marker review will help you to decide on your next move.

While art markers are becoming more commonly used by designers, artists, students, and others who are creatively inclined, they are not as easy to use as most people think.  You will need to know the different types of art markers – not all art markers are the same thing! You will also quickly realize that what one type of marker can accomplish, another might take a little technical know-how to achieve.

Top 3 Best Art marker: Editor’s Pick.

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Yet artists, designers, crafters, and others have produced some awesome pieces of work using only art markers.  Think of the typical works artists produce – illustrations, drawings, comics, doodles, intricate designs, and watercolors, and the art marker can be used to do the same things.  The difference is skill and competence in using the art markers to good effect.

Here we discover the wonders of the art marker and show you ten art markers you can trust to produce your awe-inspiring work, just like the pros.


Best Art Markers Review:

1. Prismacolor 3620 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

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Pro artists and amateurs will certainly enjoy working with the Prismacolor 3620 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, which can be considered among the best artist markers. These high-quality markers for artists offer twelve colors that you can use either with a fine tip or a chisel tip. The dual tip allows you to choose to make fine lines or broad strokes. The advanced Prismacolor dye-based ink also produces vibrant, smooth colors. With these double-ended markers, your creative pieces of artwork will come alive.

You can easily alternate between full coverage with the broad tip and precise artwork with the fine tip. Not only is this professional quality art marker set so versatile, it is also rich and vibrant. Blending with this artist marker is also quite easy since the ink is dye-based and mixed with alcohol. The price is also quite reasonable and will not harm your pocket to try these markers out. Whether your project is an illustration or a more substantial piece of artwork, trust these double-ended art markers to the maximum.

If you notice that any of your markers are dry when you got them, use rubbing alcohol to moisten the tip and within a day or two, the marker will be back to normal.  You will also be pleased with your results of vibrant color without the streaks. So, why not allow your creativity to soar with this twelve-pack marker set that is also fun to use.

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2. 60 Dual Tip Brush Pens Art Markers

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The best option for coloring and shading is a dual tip artist marker. The 60 Dual Tip Brush Pens are ideal for sketches, notes, and creating detailed artwork. On the other tip, which is broad, you are able to make bold strokes in your artwork. Not only is your marker versatile with tips on either end, it comes with a wide choice of one-of-a-kind colors that are suitable for your projects. Every brush in the pack is a premium quality that allows the ink to flow naturally on your paper.

The ink dries quickly so you are able to produce artwork that is not smudgy. These brush pens art markers can make a perfect gift for students, children, artists, and others who love to work with the best rated art markers brands. Although these markers are among the best on the market, you will find them a little less costly than other markers. The colors are not exactly as you see on the cap, so be sure that the color you select is actually what you wanted to use. Also, these markers blend well together to produce remarkable colors and artwork.

A cool way to get this going is to apply a light color then apply a strong, but contrasting color, and then blend them together by applying more of the light color you started with.  You will also experience no smearing of the artwork or on your hands. These markers are also non-toxic so they are safe for everyone, including kids, to use.

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3. Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set

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Copic markers are well known for their high quality.  You will, therefore, not be disappointed with this Sketch Basic Set which is among the best Copic markers you can buy. Whether you are an artist who produces comics, manga, or anime, or you do architectural drawings, landscapes, fashion drawings, or product drawings, you will certainly appreciate these low odor, blendable markers. Your Copic markers do not soak the paper while you blend but produce great blends that make working with them such a joy. You can also refill these markers so you can always work with your marker set for as long as you like.

These markers work flawlessly like watercolor as they are layered and blended. The results are smooth and beautiful. The only downside, apparently, is that the number of markers – twelve – is not sufficient for persons who want to do large and complex pieces. If you are a professional artist, you would naturally opt for a wider range of colors.  For persons just starting out, twelve markers that can be blended together is a good start.

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4. Caliart 100 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers

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Your search for the best artist markers ends with the Caliart 100 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers. Not only are these markers inexpensive and therefore suitable for every budget, it is also a high-quality product fit for professionals as well as amateurs. You will also receive one colorless marker to be used for blending as well as numerous skin tone markers including skin white, blush, and barely beige. No doubt, these high-quality markers will make a perfect gift for kids, students, artists, and others who love working with markers.

This is an alcohol-based marker that has a smooth ink flow that does not skip or smudge your paper. Expect a long lasting experience with these versatile markers that have both a broad and a fine tip. You have endless possibilities for using these markers. These include using for animation, fashion design, coloring, Japanese characters, and drawing. The markers bleed on paper so you would need to ensure that the paper you will be using is thick and not prone to smudging.

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5. Artify Premium Art Marker Set 40 Colors Dual Tipped

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With 40 rich and vivid colors to work with, you should have no trouble producing outstanding artwork, illustrations, and sketches. All your primary colors are accounted for and you are also provided with a one of a kind white blending marker that will make mixing colors quite easy to do. The triangular handle of the Artify markers is also easy to grip and is fun for even kids to use. The Artify markers are also dual tips so you can switch between the fine and broad tips to produce a wide range of creative works.

With these versatile markers, expect superior color blending, amazing flexibility, and precise line control. You also won’t encounter odor that can make working with markers a pain. These are alcohol based markers that allow smooth, fluid, and uninterrupted lines whenever you use them. A convenient feature is the numbering of the markers so you don’t need to search for a color that you have previously used. If you need to blend a variety of colors together, you might have to work quickly as these markers dry fast.

These quick-drying markers are, however, great for layering your colors. You are also provided with a convenient carrying case that makes storage and traveling easier. So if you don’t mind working with bright and fresh colors, then these Artify markers are the best choice for you.

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6. Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers

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If you ever need a reliable, blendable set of alcohol-based markers, look no further than the Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers, which are also the best markers for artists.  Supplied in a 24-pack of vivid colors, this marker set allows you to produce fine as well as bold lines.  If you much prefer brush tips, you can purchase those and exchange the tips that came with your markers. Not only are these markers designed with both a bullet tip and a chisel tip, they are also designed to be refilled once you are out of ink.

Another thing you might love is that the ink is juicy and flows well.  So, even if you might have trouble blending the colors because of the fast drying action, you can create perfect color layers without ruining your paper. The great thing about these markers is that they are not toxic, and they are quite safe for even kids to use. While the colors of these markers are made to blend well, you need to work quickly to prevent the fast drying ink from making this task impossible. The Spectrum Noir markers are in the big leagues – they compare with the Copic markers in terms of quality.

The Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers would be a good choice if you are on a small budget.  You might need to also buy the Spectrum Noir or Crafter’s Companion paper that work quite well with these markers. To get the most from your artist markers, keep them horizontal when you store them and keep their tops on when you are not using them. These precautions will prevent the ink from drying out too fast.

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7. Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

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Another recommended brand for the best artist markers is the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers. This marker set is perfect for creative activities including brush lettering, fine art, illustrations, faux calligraphy, journaling, and watercolor drawings. Like a few recommended art markers, the Tombow Dual Brush markers carry two nylon brush tips.  These allow for bold lines, medium lines, and fine strokes. You would have already realized that the fine tip end of the marker provides consistent lines. Your Tombow markers are quite durable, thanks to their tips made of smooth and resilient nylon fibers.

You can apply as much pressure as you want and these tips won’t break or prevent the ink from flowing smoothly. Another thing to take notice of is the absence of odor from these markers – they don’t leave a scent!  No matter what paper you are working with, also, your ink won’t bleed. So, if you want to produce intricate drawings and illustrations, embellishments on your designs, and design details, this marker set is just what you will need. You might also notice that these markers are non-permanent so the ink might smear a bit.

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8. Chartpak AD Markers, Tri-Nib, 12 Assorted Colors

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Instead of purchasing an inferior quality art market set, why not select the Chartpak AD Markers? These high-quality art markers will satisfy your creative energy for a long time to come. You will see great results when transferring your awesome designs on paper. This pen marker is versatile. Use them anywhere, in acrylic, eggshell, and paper. With twelve assorted colors to work with, you will be able to blend your colors to produce watercolors you can be proud of. Your Chartpak AD Markers are also safe to use and they conform to ASTMD 4236 standards. Your kids can also use these art markers brands safely.

Did we mention that these pen markers are Tri-Nib? That is, these markers have a very sharp tip, the bottom, the side and the opposite tips are all usable in creating your various designs and working with various materials. They are very juicy in that the ink flows well, but you need to be careful because it bleeds on certain paper. With the vibrant colors to use, your results will be bright and vivid. These markers also blend very well with alcohol based markers which makes them quite versatile to work with. They carry a real odor so make sure your workspace is well ventilated.

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9. Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

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Another excellent product from Tombow is the dual brush pen art markers.  These versatile markers are perfect for watercolor drawings, journaling, fine art, faux calligraphy, brush lettering, among other uses. See your creativity come alive with this 10-pack marker set. The tips are durable as they are made from nylon brush which can produce bold, medium, and fine strokes. Count on these dual-tip markers to produce bold as well as fine and consistent lines in your work.

Blending colors is possible thanks to the colorless blending pen also included in your pack. Because these markers are water-based, you will be able to mix your colors quite effectively using a palette. Not only are these high-quality markers odorless and non-toxic, their ink is free of acid and won’t bleed when you use any paper.  Another thing, they are self-cleaning so you don’t need to concern yourself about cleaning up after a color blending session. You know you are using one of the top rated art markers brands because it conforms to ASTM D 4236 safety standards.

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10. Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol-based Dual Tip Art Markers

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You might consider the Bianyo Classic Series as a solution to your creative art needs. These markers are premium quality products that are perfect for professional artists as well as new artists just starting out. With an amazing 72 colors to work with, there is no shortage of creative outputs you can produce. It is easy to organize and carry your markers with the convenient carrying case provided.

Both ends of these markers provide an option – between fine and broad tips.  This versatility allows you to create artwork that is detailed and textured. Like all alcohol based markers, the ink dries quickly without smudging your paper. The high pigmentation and vivid colors also mean that your inks do not fade as well. Use these versatile markers for anything from fashion sketches, Japanese characters, comics and anime, and coloring.

Regardless of your skills as an artist, you will appreciate this high quality, vibrant, and reasonably priced marker. You might experience bleeding if you do not work with the recommended paper for these markers. Although these markers blend very well, you will experience streaking if you do not work fast enough – before your ink dries.

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Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Select The Art Marker 

In selecting the Top art markers for the job, here are a few things you must consider:

Ink quality:

For your art project consider markers that have strong, vibrant ink in a range of colors.  The ink in your markers should be easy to blend with other colors. In addition, your ink when applied should not fade.


OK, this may be a no-brainer but you will need to check whether top rated art markers brands provide only permanent markers.  Most markers are permanent markers although how permanent depends on the brand. Read the information that comes with the marker to see what kind of marker it is. Also, there are no permanence or lightfast testing standards for markers by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). So if your marker says “permanent,” it simply means that their marks cannot be washed off—not that they won’t fade.

Their tips:

You could say that you can tell markers by their tips – whether they are broad or fine tipped.  Depending on what you want to do with markers you can choose from fine tip, bullet tip, or chisel tip markers.  Most art markers are being made as dual tipped, that is, you have a tip at both ends. So, for most brands, you are receiving markers that already have a fine and a broad tip on each end.


If your intention is to delve into creative art then you would want to have access to a wide range of colors at your fingertips.  Most manufacturers package their markers in packs of multiple colors so already you have an assortment of colors to start with. Markers, like the alcohol based ones, can also be blended to produce additional colors. Depending on the brand you will find markers that come in colors that are unique and extraordinary.  That is great for your sense of color and the endless possibilities of your artistic expressions with the best selected art markers brands.

The paper:

You might think it doesn’t matter what type of paper you are working with as long as you have good markers. You will be surprised how influential the paper you are using will be.  Not all paper treat markers the same way.  You may have come across a situation where you try to blend colors on paper that is too thin to endure your efforts without tearing apart. The fact is, bristol boards and illustration boards are ideal for your use of markers for artistic works. Surfaces that are smooth and cold-pressed do not allow the bleeding that usually happens with markers.

So the heavier papers like illustration boards and bristol boards are distinct from drawing paper by their finishes. Bristol boards come in two finishes – vellum or cold pressed, which is soft and plate or hot pressed, which is hard and slick.  Illustration boards, on the other hand, come with one surface you can work with, which is either hot or cold pressed. Some manufacturers produce paper just for markers.  These papers are bleed resistant and allow the true colors of the markers to be retained.

How to Use Art Marker

Using art markers is quick, simple, and often effective.  You won’t need to wait while your ink dries as markers are quite fast acting. One of the disadvantages, though, is that you cannot undo mistakes. Even with the best artist markers, once you lay your stroke down, it’s hard to correct mistakes.

So, how do you use art markers? and lightfast?

  • Not all brands of art marker behave the same way, so get familiar with the different brands. Different tips allow different techniques and styles. Fine tips produce tight lines and details, brush tips spread ink just like watercolor, and chisel or broad tips cover large areas.
  • Move slowly when coloring to avoid producing streaks, unless, of course, you intended to be edgy with streaks.
  • Test your colors on paper that is a specimen of the paper you will use for your final artwork. Color will not look the same on all types of paper nor will it look the same on paper as it does on other materials.
  • When layering colors, start with the light colors and add darker colors as you go along to achieve your desired effect. Remember, you cannot erase marker strokes once you apply them.

Different Types of Art Markers

Markers are categorized based on the mixture of ink and other liquids or solvents they contain.

Alcohol-based markers –

ink mixed with alcohol. These markers produce a strong odor from the chemicals. They are waterproof but soluble with alcohol. These art markers tend to streak even with blending and the ink dries quickly and is relatively permanent.

Water-based Markers –

ink and water or a glycerin mix. These are odorless because of the absence of chemicals and are safe for kids. The ink is opaque, waterproof and fast drying.

Solvent-based markers  –

ink with a solvent like butryl, xylene, or acetate which cause a powerful odor. This waterproof ink lasts long but is non-permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Markers

1. What are art markers?

Art markers, also called artist pens, marker pens, paint markers, and brush pens, are used by artists, designers, illustrators, and others to produce artwork. The cap, body, and plugs of the marker are usually made of plastic resin and the reservoir for the ink is normally made from polyester. Art markers are categorized based on the type of mixtures used to achieve their ink colors – that is ink with alcohol or with water, or with a solvent.

2. What are the best markers for art?

There are numerous brands of art markers but what makes them distinctively art markers is the quality of the ink, range of colors, their tips, and how they work with different paper and art media. Popular types that you may have heard about include Copic, which provide excellent brush strokes, Prismacolor markers, which are less costly than Copics and are not refillable, Tombow, a popular brand of dual brush markers, and Sharpie markers which are used less for coloring. There is no one selection for the best markers for art.  You will just have to check out the range of markers available and choose the best artist marker that is right for you.

3. Can you blend Copic markers?

Certainly, you can! It is, however, recommended that paper that is of a high quality be used when working with alcohol based markers.  It is also easier to blend these types of markers with other alcohol based markers. In any event, test it out and see if it is one of the best Copic markers that will work for you.

4. Are Art Markers permanent?

Not all art markers are permanent markers.  Permanent markers are designed for labeling things, and other tasks that are not artistic. If you have the skill to work with permanent markers in producing artwork, then, by all means, go ahead. Permanent markers are not widely used for art.

5. What are the best markers for coloring?

The best markers for coloring are those that are artist grade, broad tipped, non-bleeding, and those that work well on heavy and thick paper stock. The type of coloring book you use may determine which of the numerous marker options is best. Another feature of the best artist marker is its replaceable nibs. Naturally, you would also want the best markers for coloring to offer a wider range of colors.

Final Verdict

Now that you have seen the marker you are looking for, what else would you need to know? Our art marker review has taken you through ten of the hottest markers you could use for your art or other projects. You now have no doubts about what to consider when selecting the best art marker. Also, you know the difference between the numerous markers on the market.  We have taken the guesswork from your selection of high quality, effective, and versatile markers. The only thing left to do is to place your order and start working your creative magic with markers.

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